All heart TC 

  Track & Field Club



All Heart Track and Field Club is a family oriented team. We have a roster of athletes who are governed by a code of conduct that ensures an environment for high achievement. Our club is based on the premise of strictly winning track meets. All Heart builds high character, influences higher learning, and develops great scholar/athletes. We stress the importance of academics. We encourage a lifetime of habits that include a healthy lifestyle, as well as influence the love of the sport.

The All Heart Track and Field Program is designed to introduce young runners to the basics of track and field training- specifically the running and jumping events. Sprinting, middle distance, relays and jumping are practiced with an emphasis on skill development, personal improvement and having fun.

We offer a spring track program and a traveling summer elite program every year.
Participants are divided into ability/age groups and focus on exercises, drills and strength that match their current abilities.